Cramer CPA, P.C.

Forensic Accounting & Consulting Services
In the current economic times, Corporations are being scrutinized more than ever before on how financial transactions are recorded and reported. The desire to evaluate whether an impropriety or fraud exists is occurring more frequently. These circumstances have resulted in the need for advisors to be engaged to provide independent, objective and reasonable advice to clients.

At Cramer CPA, we have the experience and expertise in analyzing the facts and underlying transactions, to perform investigations which are prompted internally or externally, and provide guidance on the recording of complex transactions. Our forensic accounting and investigative experience cover a wide range of issues and industries.

Types of Engagements:

   *   Fraudulent Financial Reporting and Accounting Improprieties
   *   Money Laundering
   *   Embezzlement Schemes and Employee Theft
   *   Reconstruction of Books and Records
   *   Coordination and Conduct of Forensic Investigations
   *   Investigation of Fraudulent Claims
   *   Compliance Examinations on Behalf of Regulatory Agencies
   *   Investigation of Alleged Fraudulent Activities
   *   Forensic Data Mining Techniques to Identify Suspicious Activities
   *   Independent Evaluations of Auditors Work Product

We are generally engaged by:

   *   Attorneys
   *   Boards of Directors
   *   Corporate Officers & Shareholders
   *   Defendants & Plaintiffs


Industry Experience:

   *   Corporations (both publicaly & privately held)
   *   Financial Services
   *   Insurance
   *   Healthcare
   *   Media & Entertainment
   *   Professional Services